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Magical Learning of Science

Actually, our brain pays less attention during repeated learning in very short intervals. So, trying to learn any information by repeating session in rapid succession in short intervals is not a fruitful idea. It will be more fruitful, if someone adopt practice to learn any information by repeating it after a longer interval of time. Repeat learning after long intervals like 5 to 6 days or a week later is very beneficial. This sends a stronger signal to the brain to retain the information. Feel the magical learning effect of repeat learning in this way.

Learning from basics and understanding the concepts, with aid of illustrative images, numerical problems and thereafter repeating it intermittently over a longer period of time intervals make the memory permanent. Easy Learning from concepts, the topics are clearly captured and retain in mind for ever.

Repeat learning in this way results magical effect on learning capability and retain ability. In addition to repeating reading in longer intervals, if practice by writing the topic is done, it also brings quick, fruitful and sustainable results.

Learning in this way sends a stronger signal to the brain to retain the information for a longer period.

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