Story of Success

Meaning of Success

Meaning of Success

What is meaning of “Success”? Meaning of success is nothing but the pleasure felt on consequence of fulfillment of our ambition, spiritual satisfaction, fulfillment of desire and realization of dreams and goals. Success is our own achievement ending. Success is easy to achieve and can be achieved by

Fallacy of Success

Fallacy of Success

What you think about Success? Success is a very controversial word. It has different values for different use. Many myths about success are popular among the people tongue are known as fallacy of success. Some people believe that – “Success is a secret” – it happens in a surprising way

Key to Success

Key to Success

What is Key to Success? Success is a target, easy to achieve by everyone. Your key to success is in your hands. You must have hunger to learn up to infinity, to get the success. Science is most easy and only we have to adopt a right, disciplined and scientific approach of learning to get

Easy Learning of Science

Easy Learning Skills

Easy Learning of Science In fact, science is most easy, interesting and scoring subject. One should adopt easy learning skills to learn Science. Anyone can accept science as his career building stream and must get success. To

Magical Learning Skill

Magical Learning of Science Actually, our brain pays less attention during repeated learning in very short intervals. So, trying to learn any information by repeating session in rapid succession in short intervals is not a

Sustainable Learning Skill

Sustainable Learning of Science In fact, science is easy, interesting and good scoring stream. Everyone can take and win for the challenge to accept science as a core branch of study and carrier building journey. The prime

Science & Technology

Science and Technology, both are complement to each other. A Scientist requires proper instruments for doing his research and experiments. These instruments are properly designed and processed for manufacture by the Engineers. Whatever we get to know in Science, it creates a base for Engineering. Similarly whatever we study in engineering has a realistic view of the studies we carried in science studies. In this way, both are inter-related and complementary to each other.


Science is a systematic approach to know about the secrets of everything that are naturally happenings around us and also to find the secrets of life. Thus, science finds and formulates the natural laws. Today’s tremendous success of science is generating curiosity and fueling our mind to know more about the secrets of nature.


Technology is for finding the ways for facilitating the human life by implementation of the natural laws and formulas derived by successive studies carried by science. Engineers use the scientific knowledge to build processes, structures and equipment. Hence, engineering sometimes called as “Applied Science”.

Engineers and Scientists, both must be creative and having sound knowledge of science, mathematics and technology. Various branches of technology are available for discussion and studies. However, on this platform, we will discuss about main topics related to Science and Mechanical Engineering.

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