Temperature Measuring Devices

What is a Gas Thermometer? According to gas laws, pressure of a gas varies as a linear function of temperature when the volume is kept constant. Similarly volume of a gas varies as a linearRead More →

What is called Resistance Thermometer? A resistance thermometer is a device which uses the resistance of an electrical conductor in measuring the temperature of a source. It is a very accurate temperature sensing device widelyRead More →

What is called a Radiation Thermometer? Radiation thermometer is a non-contact thermometer used to detect the temperature of an object from a far distance. Thermometer absorbs the radiant energy (either visible range or invisible infrared)Read More →

What are Temperature Sensing Devices? The temperature sensing devices are called thermometers which measures the temperature of a body. The temperature of a body is expressed as a number of a particular thermal scale unit.Read More →

What is an Alcohol Thermometer? An alcohol thermometer is a thermometer which uses alcohol as thermometric fluid in the bulb. Bulb of thermometer is filled with alcohol as the temperature sensor. It utilizes the expansionRead More →

What is called a Clinical Thermometer? Clinical thermometer is used for medical treatment purposes to measure the body temperature at different locations of the patient’s body. A clinical thermometer may be of following types –Read More →

What is Infrared Thermometer? An infrared thermometer is a temperature measuring device which measures the infrared radiation energy emitting from a body to get its temperature. Infrared thermometers are sometimes called as laser thermometers asRead More →