August 2022

How an Electronic Weighing Machine works? An electronic weighing machine is used for measurement of weight. It works works by using the principle of transducers. The device is mounted on elements called as load cells.Read More →

How Digital Multimeter works? A digital multimeter is a microprocessor based multi functional device which display its readings on an LCD screen. It looks just like an analog multimeter. A digital multimeter differs from theRead More →

What is a Multimeter? Analog multimeter or simply called a multimeter, is an electronic instrument used for testing of electrical or electronic circuits of an installation. Multimeters are commonly used by all electronic technicians andRead More →

How a Three Phase Energy Meter works? The meter used for measuring the consumption of electrical energy or electric power of a three phase electric supply to a device, is known as three phase energyRead More →

How Single Phase Energy Meter works? A single phase energy meter is a device which is connected in line with a single phase electric supply to a electrical powered device for measuring the amount ofRead More →