How an Electronic Weighing Machine works? An electronic weighing machine is used for measurement of weight. It works works by using the principle of transducers. The device is mounted on elements called as load cells.Read More →

How Digital Multimeter works? A digital multimeter is a microprocessor based multi functional device which display its readings on an LCD screen. It looks just like an analog multimeter. A digital multimeter differs from theRead More →

What is a Multimeter? Analog multimeter or simply called a multimeter, is an electronic instrument used for testing of electrical or electronic circuits of an installation. Multimeters are commonly used by all electronic technicians andRead More →

How a Three Phase Energy Meter works? The meter used for measuring the consumption of electrical energy or electric power of a three phase electric supply to a device, is known as three phase energyRead More →

How Single Phase Energy Meter works? A single phase energy meter is a device which is connected in line with a single phase electric supply to a electrical powered device for measuring the amount ofRead More →

What is a Gas Thermometer? According to gas laws, pressure of a gas varies as a linear function of temperature when the volume is kept constant. Similarly volume of a gas varies as a linearRead More →

What is called Resistance Thermometer? A resistance thermometer is a device which uses the resistance of an electrical conductor in measuring the temperature of a source. It is a very accurate temperature sensing device widelyRead More →

What is called a Radiation Thermometer? Radiation thermometer is a non-contact thermometer used to detect the temperature of an object from a far distance. Thermometer absorbs the radiant energy (either visible range or invisible infrared)Read More →

What are Temperature Sensing Devices? The temperature sensing devices are called thermometers which measures the temperature of a body. The temperature of a body is expressed as a number of a particular thermal scale unit.Read More →

What is an Alcohol Thermometer? An alcohol thermometer is a thermometer which uses alcohol as thermometric fluid in the bulb. Bulb of thermometer is filled with alcohol as the temperature sensor. It utilizes the expansionRead More →

What is called a Clinical Thermometer? Clinical thermometer is used for medical treatment purposes to measure the body temperature at different locations of the patient’s body. A clinical thermometer may be of following types –Read More →

What is Infrared Thermometer? An infrared thermometer is a temperature measuring device which measures the infrared radiation energy emitting from a body to get its temperature. Infrared thermometers are sometimes called as laser thermometers asRead More →

What is called Photometry? Photometry is the process of measurement of light characteristics using the technique of light measuring devices. It is used in a number of industries to test the intensity of light producedRead More →

What are Discharge Measuring Devices? The devices and instruments used for the measurement of rate of flow or discharge of a fluid, are called Discharge Measuring Devices. The quantity of the fluid flowing  per unitRead More →

What are Pressure Measuring Devices? Pressure measuring devices are used for measurement of the fluid pressure. Fluid pressure means, the pressure exerted by – – liquids on its boundaries. – gases on its boundaries. TheRead More →