What is called Photometry? Photometry is the process of measurement of light characteristics using the technique of light measuring devices. It is used in a number of industries to test the intensity of light producedRead More →

What are Discharge Measuring Devices? The devices and instruments used for the measurement of rate of flow or discharge of a fluid, are called Discharge Measuring Devices. The quantity of the fluid flowing  per unitRead More →

What are Pressure Measuring Devices? Pressure measuring devices are used for measurement of the fluid pressure. Fluid pressure means, the pressure exerted by – – liquids on its boundaries. – gases on its boundaries. TheRead More →

What are called Measuring Devices? Measuring device are the instruments and gauges which are used for measurement of dimensions of any object. The devices used for measurement of mass are called, Mass Measuring Devices. ChoiceRead More →

What is called a Dimension? All physical quantities are expressed in terms of some combination of symbolic representation of fundamental or base quantities. These symbols are called dimension. EXAMPLE – Density of a substance isRead More →

What is SI System of Measurement? SI system i.e., “International System of Units and measurement” is the most popular system of units and measurement. It is a modernized and extended form of the metric systemsRead More →

What is called a Measurement? Measurement is defined as an activity for defining the specifications or quantification of attributes of an object or event. It actually involves an activity of comparison of an unknown quantityRead More →