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What you think about Success?

Success is a very controversial word. It has different values for different use. Many myths about success are popular among the people tongue are known as fallacy of success.

Some people believe that – “Success is a secret” – it happens in a surprising way with few people.

It is so called – “Getting by luck”.

Other people may think that – “Success is god gifted” – it is a quality honored by god only to some special people.

It is so called – “Highly talented people”.

Some people say that – “Success is a miracle” – it happens only with few special people.

It is so called – “Blessings of God”.

All these misconceptions arise in our mind for lack of proper knowledge, self-confidence and skill to learn. It only brings negativity in our mind and diverts our attention from the reality. It make us ill thinker. Educated people called it as Fallacy of success.

Success is easy to achieve by everyone. You must have hunger to learn to get success. Of course some basic rules must be followed to get sure success. In fact, Science is most easy and only we have to adopt a right, disciplined and scientific approach of learning to get success. Follow easy learning steps discussed on this platform.

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